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HVAC in Scarsdale, NY

Some towns focus on their hot and muggy summers. Other towns have particularly cold winters and must concentrate their energy on heating rather than air conditioning. In New York, we get the best (or worst) of both worlds. Stiflingly hot summers come complete with high humidity and overall mugginess, while winters arrive full of snow and the kind of cold fronts that make national news.

In that environment, you need a reliable service that can handle any problem with your various household systems. That means not only a service that performs repairs and maintenance service, but can install new systems. It also means a service that can handle issues with anything from heating to air conditioning to indoor air quality to plumbing. T&H Mechanical Systems is the name to trust with any and all of those issues. Call us today and let us show you how!

Trust T&H Mechanical Systems with HVAC and water heater services in Scarsdale NY.

Need Air Conditioning Services in Scarsdale?

Heat and humidity are omnipresent in the summertime, which means your air conditioner needs to perform day in and day out. At T&H Mechanical Systems, out installation and maintenance services can ensure that your system is ready to go. We can also install new systems and offer alternatives to traditional central air conditioning systems like ductless air conditioning. And when repair issues crop up, we can be there in a flash. Our goal is to keep you cool and comfortable at all times!

Our Professional Heating Services

No one likes to think about a heater breakdown in the middle of winter, but they do happen. When they do, you need a service that’s going to move promptly and fix the job properly. But more importantly, your service should take steps to prevent such breakdowns from happening, both with proper installation and timely maintenance. T&H Mechanical Systems can do all that for you, whether your heater is a traditional furnace, a boiler or a ductless heating system.

Why Heating Installation Is Important

When your heater has run its course, you want your new one to take advantage of recent advances in technology: performing more efficiently and with improved features to make your life easier. It might even mean installing a different type of heater, or performing modifications such as oil–to–gas conversions. But whatever your system is, you can trust a reliable heating service to install and replace your heater with confidence and care.

Reasons to Call for Scarsdale Heating Repair

Good repair services start with prevention, which means a reliable maintenance schedule to clean up little issues and make sure that big ones get nipped in the bud. Sooner or later, however, every system is going to experience a breakdown and your heating system is no different. Unfortunately, it usually happens under the strain or our winters, when you need it fixed immediately instead of waiting for repairs at your leisure. T&H Mechanical Systems is on–hand with repair services for a variety of systems, so call us today!

Is Your Indoor Air Quality Bad?

Scarsdale has plenty of pollen in the air, as well as dust and similar contaminants. Germs and bacteria are a constant threat, and humidity levels can rise and fall dramatically throughout the course of the year. All of that can impact your indoor air quality, which has as much influence on your comfort as heating and air conditioning. T&H Mechanical Systems comes to the rescue with a wide variety of air purifiers to improve your indoor air quality and keep your home a pleasant place to be.

How Well Does Your Water Heater Operate?

Your water heater shouldn’t experience many problems, but when it does, you need a service that can treat it quickly and efficiently. That means more than just performing a solid repair. It means installing the system right, replacing it when it gets too old and maintaining it annually or semi–annually to keep potential problems in check. At T&H Mechanical Systems, we’re there for you during every phase of your water heater’s life, making sure it does its job while keeping monthly costs low and hot water eminently reliable.

Our Heat Pump Water Heater Services

Heat pump water heaters and hybrid water heaters draw their heat from the outside air, then use a compressor to warm it before using it to heat the water. That makes them more efficient than traditional water heating system and can save you money on monthly bills. With a technician knowledgeable about how they operate, yours can have a long and problem–free life.

Tankless Water Heaters Are Excellent

Tankless water heaters work well in smaller households, or houses that only have a few outlets to worry about. Instead of using a large tank full of hot water, they use heated coils to warm the water instantly as it passes through the pipes on the way to your faucet. It’s an efficient system, but it takes a specialized service to install, maintain and repair.

We Offer Commercial HVAC Services in Scarsdale, NY

If you own a business or work as an office manager, you need to address the issues of your commercial HVAC system on a regular basis. Your system is vital to providing a comfortable environment for employees and customers, as well protecting key equipment such as computers from the ravages of temperature extremes. For components 25 tons or under, and for all aspects of commercial HVAC services, turn to T&H Mechanical Systems to do the job right. We have the skills you need and our staff is ready to go when you are!

We Provide Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating Services

The key to any commercial operation is maintaining a comfortable environment, not only for workers, but for customers who need to have positive associations with your space. That’s why a commercial air conditioner and heating system needs to perform at its best every day, and why problems and breakdowns need to be addressed promptly. T&H Mechanical Systems is standing by with the training and experience you need!

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